Monday, September 29, 2008

Chaos Theory

Sometimes we use the phrase “chaos is good.” We don’t mean that in the context of how we do our planning or structure programs, but in the situations that arise out of the daily activities in our soup kitchen. A case in point is from last Thursday, when ten high-energy teenagers from Tohickon Middle School arrived to help serve the afternoon meal. If you haven’t been inside Manna on Main Street, the amount of operating space we have is very small, and in a short period of time, chaos ensued. Teens were crammed in the kitchen, then running with plates of food along a cramped hallway to a crowded eating area. A group of the kids wound of going outside and working at a card table to put together snack bags for the local Boys & Girls Club. Naturally, they couldn’t stay outside all the time, and were running in and out. And as the time for serving came to a close, there was a mad scramble for colored markers as the youth found an open space on the wall to sign their names. While it may seem unstructured and out of control, a lot of good comes out it. Young people learn about serving people in need, perform vital hands-on service and have some fun along the way.

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