Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gangs on Call

We're pretty fortunate. Whenever we run low on food for our pantry, we have a number of groups we can call for help. For the past couple of years the Iron Eagles Motorcycle Club has been amazing in their support. We call them and they show up with a truck-load of food. At the same time, we try not to go back to the same people too frequently. They have families to support too.

The spirit of giving is a real reflection on the kind of community we live in. When people become aware of the needs, they respond in big way. As you can imagine, the need for food has risen dramatically. We've been running low on canned tuna fish and would really appreciate having that available for the families who come to Manna for food. So now that you're in the know, help if you can, and pass this message along. Thanks!

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