Friday, January 16, 2009

Packed In

Last Saturday it was packed with both food and Cub Scouts. Specifically, Cub Pack 152, visited Manna on Main Street to sort food. As Liz would say (she's our director of volunteers) it's crazy-fun when we have a large group show up to do a service project. Our space is very small, so when 17 preadolescent boys and 20 family members arrived to help, we crammed some in the basement, and sent contingents outside to shovel the sidewalk and sort food in our outside storage area. While it can be challenging finding constructive work for everyone, we find that having the kids here has a lasting impression on them. Maybe it's because they get to sign the wall when they're finished or because they had so much fun being here. Perhaps too, they felt like they made a difference.

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