Monday, November 17, 2008

on the bridge between

The gentleman appeared out of nowhere. He indicated that he had heard of Manna on Main Street and the work we do. He wanted to contribute. Tears were streaming down his cheeks as he indicated the large financial gift he wanted to make. Then another individual came forward. She wanted to give an even larger gift. Now my eyes welled up with joy. We were going to be able to begin making plans for a new building. Our outreach to people in need was going to grow. There were suddenly so many new possibilities of doing good for our community.

Then just as suddenly they were gone. As I shifted to look around, I awoke from the dream and crashed back to reality. In a few hours I would be walking into a very small soup kitchen with limited capabilities.

Between then and now, I find myself on the bridge between the euphoria and sadness. We may not have unlimited funds or a large facility, but we have a lot. This past weekend was the Boy Scout food drive. Tons of food were donated by a generous community and more than fifty volunteers came to sort and stack the food. Every day, people show up to serve meals. And on my desk there is a small stack of checks from our regular supporters - modest amounts, but enough to carry us through.

The quick and easy fix, the lottery, the celebrity endorsement, can be alluring, but are mostly distractions. We remain on the bridge between, and look forward to the possibilities ahead. More good will certainly come our way.

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