Sunday, November 9, 2008


The Roman emperor, Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, was born in A.D. 121. In the book Meditations, he begins with reflections from various individuals in his life. He relates that from his father he learned good morals and the government of his temper. From his mother he learned piety and beneficence. From various mentors and teachers, a benevolent disposition, a love of truth and justice, and an inclination to do good. All things that are relevant and have a place in our society today.

It made me think about what I learn each day from the individuals who frequent Manna on Main Street. From the people who come to the soup kitchen, I learn humility, how to laugh at the absurdities of life, how to cry at the injustice, and how to say thank you. From the volunteers, I learn about a generous heart, compassion for people in need, and a steadfastness in showing up every day. And from the other staff members I learn about commitment to a cause, joy in lifting up others, and living life on purpose.

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