Monday, June 9, 2008

Nobody of the Year Award

This past week, Manna on Main Street was recognized as the Non-Profit of the Year, by the North Penn Chamber of Commerce. Naturally, we approciate the award, because it helps validate what we do and recognizes the 1,000+ volunteers that make our works possible.
There's one volunteer in particular that makes this award particulalry meaningful. We'll call him Sammy. He would certainly qualify as a nobody. Sammy is a special adult with autism. He regularly shows up at Manna on Main Street events and helps with the mundane tasks of moving tables and chairs, emptying the trash. He tends to keep to himself, so no one really notices him. Sammy never complains, looks for any special recognition or asks for anything; he just does what we ask of him. Sammy will probably never win any award, but it is people like him that make Manna a special place... a place where everyone is welcome and can make a difference.

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