Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Let Them Eat Quiche

It was in May 2006. Leah, then a student at the University of Maryland, came to Manna on Main Street with a couple trays of quiche. Then a few days later she arrived with more... then a week later, even more. She finally explained that she was working on a project - an art sculpture for school. Each day she would take eggs, poke a hole in each end and use a syringe to blow-out the egg. Leah would then bake the shells to strengthen than, and rather than waste the eggs, decided to make quiche for Manna's guests. Not only was she creative in her project, she also stretched her thinking in what good she could do with the "waste". Perhaps we can all think a little harder on how we can contribute... take the left-overs in our lives and put them to better use.

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