Monday, July 26, 2010


The word irregulars can have a negative connotation to it - it indicates that something is out of synche with the norm. Lately, there have been a lot of irregulars at Manna on Main Street, and that is a good thing. But first, Manna's definition of regulars: volunteers who serve on a regular basis. We love our regulars. They help at the soup kitchen or food cupboard all year long, with some of them coming every week. During the summer time, we offer them the opportunity to take some time off so the "irregulars" can have a chance to serve.

The irregulars are often students that have off for the summer, business teams looking for a service project and families wanting to have a joint activity. More often than not, the irregulars do not have a good handle on all the activities at Manna and things can get a bit chaotic. They don't know where to find the napkins, they're unsure where to put a donation and they are baffled by the some of the requests from our guests. But all of that doesn't mean too much. What really matters is that they are excited about serving and helping others. They bring a new-found energy and passion to the work at hand. Kids that come to help often run back to the kitchen so they can serve the next plate of food. And the adults have as much fun as the young people when they have their chance to sign our walls after they are done serving.

Just like our regulars, we love our irregulars as well...

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