Sunday, January 3, 2010


The basement of Manna is where we try to store most of our nonperishable food. If you were to walk down the steps today you would notice an immediate problem. No, there is not a shortage of food... there is a shortage of storage space. Yes, there are shelves with areas designated for fruit, vegetables, tuna, etc. But in front of those shelves are boxes and bags of food, piled up almost to the ceiling.

A couple of weeks ago there was an issue with water due to heavy rainfall, and we lost some food because we were not able to get it off the floor. To help alleviate the space dilemma, we have some off-site storage, but moving the goods back and forth is not very efficient. In the near term, we simply have to live with the situation, but we remain optimistic that we will find a newer, larger facility that will provide us enough space to store and distribute all the food this community so generously shares...

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