Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sit on it...

… was the admonition. It was in response to homelessness in the San Diego area. A merchant organization was looking for volunteers to sit on the public benches for three-hour shifts. Seems they wanted to keep street people from sleeping there. They forewarned the potential volunteers: “no bathroom breaks” to prevent anyone from sneaking in to take a seat. How interesting that they were willing to make their volunteers uncomfortable to aid in the discomfort of those who rarely enjoy any comforts. What a contrast to the mindset in our town of Lansdale. Caring neighbors go out of their way to notify us when they see someone who might be homeless, hungry or sick. They ask us if we’ve seen that person, or if there’s some way they could help. Even during the winter months, Lansdale appears to be a warmer place than San Diego.

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